About us

Founded on the premise of constant dedication and humble beginnings.

Loge Construction has lead the industry and worked with distinguished clients and government parastatals and partnered with competent sub-trade contractors for the successful completion of any road paving project.

Continuous Improvement is the ethos we live by. We provide the most value while consuming the fewest resources whilst embracing the talents of the people who do the work.

Doing so instils an obligation of ownership of our own actions and direct focus on providing the best service delivery for your project.

Loge Construction is known for providing innovative solutions for effective and robust construction projects.

Behind every major infrastructure or road project, there lies the hard work and creativity of thousands of people. We believe in challenges and in continuous improvement of our People. It is through them that we can really add value and success towards your project.

Our commitment to society is summarised in four fields of action:

1. Skills training in the community

2. Respect for the social. economic and environmental setting.

3. Promotion of innovation and research in its application to road and construction development.

4: Refurbishing and Upliftment of schools and institutions.